Welcome to Lymington Town Tours

33 years ago, the late Jack Bradbury, having retired to Lymington, realised that he had stumbled across a rare jewel steeped in history, mystery and skullduggery and Lymington Town Tours was born.

From offering one short walk in 1986 Lymington Town Tours now boasts an enviable repertoire of walks, each offering it’s own fascinating insight into different aspects of life in and around the town. Do you know where Donkey Cottage is ? What is a crinkle crankle wall? Who was JH and why do his initials and the date 1773 appear in the Angel Hotel yard?

We now offer ten walks, each with a different route or theme, and we include a walk around "Donkey Town" – Pennington – and two walks at Milford-on-Sea.

If you would like to join us on a walk, just turn up at the start, there is no need to book. Most walks last about 90 minutes and go at a leisurely pace. Your guide can tell you about the town’s history, its buildings, its interesting characters, and we have a host of good stories to entertain you with.

All our guides are volunteers and we have no official financial backing, so we do welcome a realistic donation at the end of the walk to cover our running costs.

We also offer private walks for individuals or groups and have a series of talks - "armchair walks" - which can be booked.

The walks are not stuffy history lessons but aim to paint an accurate picture of Lymington through time and to allow you to imagine what life must have been like for the people living in the town. Many locals use the walks to introduce their guests to the town and end up being amazed at how much they have learned themselves.

New footprints:

  • In 2019 we are re-launching our "Pens and Personalities" walk which centres on the High Street and Quay and tells of interesting people associated with the town. Literary figures include Daniel Defoe in the 1700s who found the town "teeming with smugglers and all sorts of desperados" and Denis Wheatley in the 1950s, who wrote many of his supernatural stories while in residence. Find out Lymington's connection with the man who took the "First Fleet" to colonise Australia".
  • "The Time Traveller's Guide to Victorian Lymington" walk. Find out what it was like to live in Lymington in Victorian times. This is when the new-fangled railway came to town, so this is where we start our journey. What would a time traveller need to bring on a visit? A handkerchief, a hat, and a supply of Keating's Powder would have been advisable.
  • "Voices from the Grave" joins the ever popular "Story of Milford" walk and is concentrated on the Church and churchyard where we are introduced to some of the more colourful characters to be found within. Whilst not long in distance this walk is packed with interest and starts at the Lych Gate. The story of the "Battling Bishop" will surprise you.

Each walk last approximately 90 minutes, and is conducted at a leisurely pace - often ending near a pub ....... so a perfect way to enjoy a stroll with a difference!