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The Story of Lymington

Wavy Walls

Your guide will take you on a walk in the leafy south side of Lymington and point out some interesting architectural features including the famous Crinkle Crankle Walls, also known as Serpentine or Wavy Walls.

You will also hear tales of murder and mayhem at a time when the inhabitants of Lymington were outnumbered by foreign soldiers.

This walk begins at St Thomas’s Church and ends on the Town Quay



Walk through the old hamlet of Buckland to Buckland Rings. Scramble up the ramparts of the ancient earthworks hidden in the woods to discover Iron Age Lymington.

Finish at the Tollhouse Inn where you will hear how road tax isn’t such a recent thing after all. A lovely walk on a summer day or evening.

This walk begins at The Borough Arms, Avenue Road and ends at The Monkey House, Buckland

A Time Traveller’s Guide to Victorian Lymington

Trains, Tolls and Tributes

A new walk ‘A Time Traveller’s Guide to Victorian Lymington’ is being unveiled.

This walk looks at what life was like in the town after it’s Georgian heyday and which led one visitor to refer to the Town as ‘like a former beauty who is dragging out a neglected old age in a boarding house” and others found that a handkerchief and some Keating’s Powder were necessary.

The walk starts at Lymington Railway Station and finishes in New Street.

Lymington Courts and Alleyways

The Story of Milford

Meet on the village green and take a stroll through the village of Milford on Sea and its lovely wooded Pleasure Grounds while your guide relates how the sleepy hamlet of Milford changed its name and tried to rival genteel Eastbourne.

You will also hear the story, from our Lymington Town Tours guide, of the string of Pearls seven yards long before the walk finishes on the clifftop at the Beach House.

This walk begins at the village green, Milford

Voices from the grave head intro

Voices from the grave

Milford on Sea has attracted more than it’s share of characters and personalities over the years, many of whom ‘remain’ in All Saints Church and the churchyard. Come and hear their stories!

Walk starts from the Lych Gate and ends at All Saints Church.

Pennington secrets

The Story of Milford

Why was Pennington known as ‘Donkey Town’ and what other secrets lay hidden?

What is it’s link with English football and who fought a dual on the common?

Walk starts at Highfield and ends at Pennington Cross

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